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The Raven Boys - When I first started reading this book, I had no expectations. This was my first time reading a book by Maggie Stiefvater. I know she wrote "The Scorpio Races" and the "Shiver" series, but I never felt compelled to read her till I heard about this book. It felt up my alley with ley lines, boys boarding schools (I mean come on "Dead Poet's Society" anyone?), and magic. As I said, right up my alley.I was warned it was going to be a slow read, and I was fine with it. I still am. So, what did I think?I think that the names feel too out of place for a modern urban fantasy taking place in a small town in Virginia. Blue, Gansey, Neeve, Ronan, and others. I know with fantasies authors like to give different sounding names, but I mean this is a bit too much--even for a fantasy lover like me. There is nothing wrong with more common names for characters. Besides that let's talk about the good and the bad.The GoodI liked the idea of the ley lines and the magic associated with Blue's "family" as seers and Neeve. It was compelling and different. I like the fact that an author is exploring ley lines, since they do have magical connections and normally come up here or there in fantasy. Interesting idea.The plot of the Raven Boys, Blue and her family, as well as finding Glendower was also compelling. However, at times I wished it played out differently. What I read, and what I thought I was going to read, didn't add up. The BadI felt like most of this book is a set up for the series. In most series there is normally a good amount of build up in the first book and more, but this book felt mostly like a build up. The last sentence especially bugged me because it made no sense at all. I was bothered by this.I didn't feel compelled by any of the characters strangely enough. Normally there is one character I am compelled by, but none of the characters did it for me. Not even Gansey. A shocker I'm sure, but I felt like I was reading about people who I could not relate to even in the slightest--or even found intriguing. I guess the best was Neeve, but she was mentioned here and there. However, that's at best. I don't know.The writing...I have heard that Mrs. Stiefvater had really great prose...and it's normal? I mean I didn't find anything that out of the ordinary with it, if anything the way she writes makes the story move slowly. Even when she is writing fast moving action scenes it moves slowly for me. I can do slow paced books. That is not a problem for me, but I do have a problem when the pace of the book interferes with my enjoyment. ConclusionIt's a great concept novel with a solid worldbuilding and explanation, but I feel like the story is really going to take off in the next couple of books. That and I want to know what is up with Blue's father, I want to meet him in the next book...if I read it. I also feel like I want to identify with more of the characters and they just didn't do it for me. I don't know if I will continue to read this series or not. It will depend on my mood. It gets a three for concept, but that's pretty much the saving grace for me.