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Moonset (Legacy of Moonset Series #1)

Moonset - Scott Tracey Well this was a particularly refreshing read.For one, a well written first person male point of view (however given the author is male it should be a given). Second off, a book I had hoped to find a Jim Butcheresque book for young adults. In this book "Moonset" it revolves around a group of "siblings" Justin, Jenna, Bailey, Cole, and Malcom. However, only two of them Justin and Jenna share a parent and are half-siblings. The others are siblings because they grew up together as the children of Moonset, the coven their parent's were in. A coven that went from the light to the dark, and the children have to answer to their parent's wrongs.In a lot of ways this is a story about legacies and to pave ones own path given a history that they will never run away from. I really enjoyed this story, however it felt a bit slow for awhile. However, it picked up at the end of the novel. In terms of technical parts of this book the main antagonist in this book was rather easy to identify after awhile, but the rest of the story wasn't. In the way of characters it was refreshing to have individual voices of the characters. You knew who was speaking and the mannerisms they would have as individuals hard to find among YA fiction sometimes. I also thought the magic was fun in this book too, and I liked how he related it to language. He knows me well as a reader and how I am a sucker for grimoires and spell words.Overall, this was a pleasant experience and I very much recommend it if someone likes Jim Butcher and good urban fantasy stories that are a bit different than the usual bunch.