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Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn, #1) - Brandon Sanderson Well, the hype is justified for this fantasy series. I kept hearing "Brandon Sanderson" "Mistborn" "Epic" like the whispers of old. Where people would mention it in a pub, and like a great beacon I would have to know what it is.Okay, I know that description wasn't needed and my imagination is getting excited. However, I have heard of The Mistborn series for awhile. I thought it was time that I did read it. In a lot of ways this is a really, really good fantasy book. In a lot of ways it's still the run-of-the-mill fantasy plot with corrupted governments, powerful evil rulers, the hero's quest, and wise people helping our heroes out. Except, that in a lot of ways I don't care because he can do some things right.World BuildingI want to hug Mr. Sanderson so badly! Any fantasy writer should be good to great at world building, and Mr. Sanderson does not disappoint. His world is new. It does not feel ravaged from Medieval Europe, but more from a dark place we have never known. Alien even. It's a great change in pace for the genre. Anyways, I've read other fantasies and have been less than impressed with the world building done. It's great to know someone still knows what they are doing. Magic System(s)I'm all for magic, but even though I do commend Mr. Sanderson for a job well done...I'm still a little less than impressed. Call me strange, but I like the more mythological view on magic. You know runes, sigils, incantations, pendants, rings, wands, staves, or whatever. It's my lifeblood, and even though it's great to see some new creativity to the magical universe I'm kind of thinking this is more like a super power with the ability to burn different metals than "magic" so to say. However, Allomancy is pretty cool--however I like Feruchemy better. VinWhy is it that I see male writer's can write strong, independent, and real female characters than female writer's can. Here's Vin, a street rat thief who finds out she is a Mistborn and can use Allomancy. She has emotions, she isn't always right, but she isn't a jerk to everyone around her. Sure, she's the "wallflower" character, but in my mind I like those characters better. They are far more real than the person who goes into every situation knowing they are going to be the hero.SazeWhen intellectual types can kick butt I'm always happy. They are the one's who surprise you. Being a Keeper is also very cool, and what Saze does is pretty awesome. Elend VentureEvery fantasy epic needs the nobleman who isn't always about wealth and power! It's a trope, but one that I can't help but liking. Elan is a great character, and even though it's pretty easy to figure out he will go after Vin he's still an interesting character to get to know.Also, the fact that he's into political philosophy is a plus in my mind since, you know, I'm a political science major and like philosophy. It's good to know that Sanderson did his homework. ConclusionIn a lot of ways Sanderson is bringing something new, in a lot of ways he isn't. There are still cut-out characters (the rest of the crew besides Vin, Frasier, Saze, and Marsh). The plot, although a few twist and turns, in its entirety is sort of predictable. A few surprises though, which is always good. The writing is crisp and sharp, although hurried in the end. In a lot of ways this should be rate four stars, but I am giving it a five because of Vin, Saze, Marsh, and exquisite world building! If that doesn't convince you, it's a fun read. :3That and I need to add the next book...