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Also known as Liz on GR. I am here, but really just planting the seed. I am a student who likes all kinds of books, and I'll be honest about what I think about them.

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The Warlock's Curse  - M.K. Hobson I've been meaning to write a review for this book for awhile, but now that I finally have the time again I will.First off all this book is brilliant! What I mean is that the characters, plot, themes, motifs, and overall structure is pitch perfect. Everything about this book is great. The characters are well developed, the world building is intensely satisfying, and the magic system is incredibly well developed. I loved M.K Hobson's previous two books, although "The Native Star" is still by and far my favorite of the entire series so far, but definitely "A Warlock's Curse" is a close second.This book isn't a fluffy read, it's dark and devious in many different aspects and you never know what is coming next. This is a great book for anyone who likes alternate histories, tightly plotted novels, and an author who really knows what she is writing about. I can't wait till the next book in the series, and this is an author who truly needs to be more well known.