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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) - Susan Ee OH MY WHAT DID I JUST READ?Was it possible that I just read:1) A strong female, kick ass protagonist who not only showed vulnerability and her emotions but also wasn't always thinking about the guy (or I guess angel)?2) A well concocted world where angels from the heavens attacked the world, and in San Francisco the first fight back occurred?3) Where the dialogue wasn't forced, but natural and funny at the same time?4) Where the angel mythology lent itself to be both accurate in its origins, but original in its usage? 5) And where we have characters that I absolutely care for?Yes. It happened.I'll be completely honest back in December of 2011 and early 2012 I had gotten a Kindle for Christmas and was browsing Amazon for books to buy for it. I found Angelfall for 99 cents, but I didn't read it then. 0___0Despite the fact that there were glowing reviews from Amazon (I wasn't on GR at the time). I just wasn't into angels. Now, I feel like I cheated myself out of saving myself three dollars, but it's definitely worth the price I payed for it (which is still less than traditionally published YA and it is NOWHERE near as good as this book was). However, I still wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. It had a lot of hype once I found out about GR (and even Amazon). People were writing glowing reviews about it left and right, and even my own friends had said the same things as others have said. If you read my other reviews, you will see I am not a fan of a lot of hyped books (except I did enjoy The Fault in Our Stars and Gayle Foreman novels)Well, this is one very hyped up book that I believe DESERVES EVERY SINGLE BIT OF HYPE. MY GOD! This book was brisk in its pacing. Once I picked it up, it was hard to put down. It yanked me by my shirt and never let me go till I got to the end. I had to tell myself to remember to breath, while reading the book (and to take a breath because my goodness there were a lot of graphic scenes in this book). I won't go into too much detail by Penryn. Penryn named after a street sight of Penryn Road should SET THE STANDARD FOR STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONISTS IN YA! THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER THAT NOT ONLY CAN TAKE CARE OF HERSELF, BUT ALLOWS HERSELF TO BE VULNERABLE AND TO SHOW EMOTION. This is also how you write a character who isn't a brat to everyone she meets and does not reject her feminine side as well. Where she realizes that she is over her head, and every single action makes total and complete sense. I applaud Mrs. Ee for taking the time to write such an awesome and action pack novel. Penryn is better than Katniss, Katsa, and any other protagonists billed as a "strong female heroine" in the YA age group. (At least from what I've read). What I don't understand is why she didn't think this wouldn't get traditionally published? It's better than 80% of the stuff out there in YA and paranormal/fantasy genre. This would have had a superb amount of marketing because it would get picked up by the same people who like CC's novels and THG's. I mean now it is getting wider readership with other translated editions and MOVIE RIGHTS! That's right the rights for a movie were brought: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/good-universe-adapt-angelfall-sam-390593Sam Raimi is co-producing. aafjkdjfaklgjaklgdkgaikgjalkgjkYeah, that was so eloquent. If it does become a full fledged movie. This will be THE movie to see. Also, PLEASE FILM IN THE BAY AREA AND THE SILICON VALLEY! THANK YOU! Anyways, as a San Francisco native (or used to be since I don't really live there anymore) I was completely enthralled and disturbed by the premise of this novel and the use of the setting. I mean wow, suburbia no more and San Francisco and Golden Gate no more? AHHH! It's interesting and creepy at the same time. There were a lot of twists and turns in this novel I didn't expect, but I am not sure what really happened towards the end of the novel regarding the lab. Maybe in the next book it will be explained better? Hopefully, that is my only gripe with this novel. This book is absolutely fun, breathtaking in its brisk pace, and chilling in its premise. It's wonderful and thank you to all who recommended this book to me.