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Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles, #2) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl Updated: 8/24/2013Well, I'm happy that I did read this book. After the first book in the series I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but now I'm glad I did. However, there will be spoilers considering the reason I liked this book isn't about Lena. What I like:It's MACON! We get to find out more about our favorite uncle. His life, and how...how the authors broke my heart and stitched it back together with Macon falling in love with Lila "Jane" Evers-Wate! (Before she was married of course). How Lila knew about the Caster World, and how Lila saved Macon to begin with. I also like how much more depth there is to his character in this book. For me, I had hoped that the authors would get into his background. He seemed so aloof.The non-spoiler section:What I didn't like.First off all, Lena. Lena lost her luster in this book for me. In fact, even in the end she still lost her luster. I felt like she was a broken record for most of this book till the very end. Her character development stopped, really it did. Second of all, John Breed and Liv. I don't like these characters at all. John Breed was...well I am not so sure what to say. They just rubbed me the wrong way I guess.Third of all, the pacing.Although, I read this book fairly quickly. I really didn't like Lena being whiny all the time. It really got annoying, and the flashbacks as to what happened should be done in a better fashion. However, I can't say that I hated all the flashbacks because some of my favorite characters were involved. Overall, a bit of a stopper for Lena's character development and Ethan's voice, which is still too feminine. However, some secrets about other characters get to be known...and that's what makes this book worth it. Also, if you are wondering why I did give this the tag "love-interests-I-enjoy" instead of the other books: MACON and LILA that is all I have to say.