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Also known as Liz on GR. I am here, but really just planting the seed. I am a student who likes all kinds of books, and I'll be honest about what I think about them.

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The Dead - James Joyce I feel like every book, and short story, I read in my A.P class I didn't like. It might have been that I would have liked some even variety between reading super depressing works all the time, and to have different works and genres than just the established western canon. Anyways, James Joyce is a great writer. I can appreciate his style, his tone, his symbolism, and how he chooses each and every word he writes. That's not what I have a problem with. Again, it could have been the fact that I read way too many depressing stories in a row and my experience was a bit dampened because I was getting tired of being depressed. However, it's not the fact that this story is depressing that makes me rate it far lower than it seems like a lot of people do but it wasn't that enjoyable for me read. I can appreciate the artistic vision and the craft, as well as the larger meaning of the work but for me I was getting tired of reading the same kind of books over and over. The previous year in my British Literature class we had a bit more variety, at least by the second semester of my A.P year we did have more variety. Anyways, it wasn't all that enjoyable for me to read, but it is written very well.