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Beautiful Redemption (Caster Chronicles, #4) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl What happened? 0___0If you haven't read this series, you should...but avoid this book unless you really want to know what happens. Maybe just wiki it instead of paying the money to read the book. First off, I should say that I liked this series from the start. I saw the promise in it, and not till the final book did I feel dissapointed with what I read. I liked these books for a reason. The characters (and their development over the series), the plotting, the family history, and the southern gothic feel. "Beautiful Chaos" was a great action-packed installment with so much potential for the finale. What I got instead really makes me unhappy. I'm unhappy because this book feels cheap and anti-climatic. The big "fight scenes" were too easy in my mind. There was NO struggle in any of them. There was no battle and no work, just swooping in with Link and Macon to save the day. Where was the struggle in that? Sure, they did it in the past books, but it wasn't this easy.It felt way too rushed! This book was a full hundred pages shorter than the previous three. I was expecting it to be the same length, and I wish it was so they could have been more thorough and built the scenes up. I've never had a problem with the length of these books because when I read them they flew by. My only explanation is that this book came under a heavy deadline and the authors had to rush it to meet it. It is the only thing I can think of as to why this book isn't at the level of the previous two (the first book was their first, so I can understand for the few problems I did have with it). I also think that they got into a bind and wanted an easy way out, which doesn't make sense since they didn't do that (too much) in the past. I'm still perplexed.What did I like? Well my favorite characters were still good in this, however I felt like the antagonists weren't as bad as they could be. Sure there was Abraham and Angelus, but man they didn't feel evil like they did in the previous books. In fact, they acted insipid--not the well developed characters they had been. What's wrong with this picture?I mean I still like the Castor World, but this book was such a let down. This is the final book of the series and every book in this series was better than the next. I had hoped the trend would continue--but it didn't. What a shame.That does not mean anyone should not check this series out, the first three books are great--this one not so much.