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Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl Updated Review: 4/14/13My The Beautiful Creatures Definitive ReviewStar Rating: Between a 2.5-3 [Closer to a three though]I've reviewed this book twice before, but my thoughts haven't been as coherent as they could be so now they are.First and foremost: I came into this book thinking I wouldn't like it, but as luck would have it I did like it. HOWEVER, that does not mean there are any flaws because there are quite a few. So why do I like it?Positives:-Macon Ravenwood HANDS DOWN!Really? Do I need to go on? [Lena's Uncle if you haven't read it yet]. He is one of the most well developed characters in the entire series. -Amma Trudeau Again? Do I need to explain. [Ethan's guardian besides his father and housekeeper]- I liked the setting of Gatlin. Sure, they do put a lot of southern cliches into the book, but I did like how they described the town.-The sisters! They're a hoot!-Link [Ethan's best friend]-Ridley [Lena's Cousin]-A male protagonist who is not a jerk, although there are some flaws with his character tooNegatives:-Lots and lots of cliches regarding the south. I know a lot of people from the South and there are a lot of things I don't like about the book. [However, in the movie version I wanted to tear my hair out during the scene where Lena is getting made fun of. It's supposed to be teasing her uncle not about her family being satanist because they are not depicted that way in the book! That's so terrible, especially on religious grounds because the only person in the book who is extreme is Mrs. Lincoln not Ashley!]-LenaShe is probably the weakest part of this story for me. She's too repetitive about her situation. She's also a bit of a cliche at times, but she does get points for liking poetry. I do like that, but her poetry writing isn't that good (and I don't even like poetry that much). -EthanNow, I did like him as a character because up till this point when I read YA books the male protagonist always seemed to be a jerk (well except Will and Jem from The Infernal Devices. However, he's not used effectively as a male voice. He's a bit too feminine. I like that he likes books and wants to travel outside Gatlin, I get that. I lived in a Suburban town and I wanted to travel all over the world when I was younger and to go places in books as well. What I didn't like is how he was fixated on things guys wouldn't be fixated on like dress shops. Most guys could care less. I also thought he could be repetitive as well.Overall feelingsI know a lot of people thought this was hard to get into, for me it wasn't. I actually got into it pretty quickly and finished it sooner than I thought. In fact, I ended up continuing the series. When I first read the book I was upset at the ending, but as I read the other books I wasn't. I like this book for its SUPPORTING CAST. They come in enough to keep me motivated to read this book. There are some interesting things going on from the Castor World and to the civil war story happening with Lena and Ethan's families. Was it done the best it could possibly be? No, but was it still worth my time? Yes. It's not a perfect book by any means, but then again what book is perfect to begin with?In short: Lots of interesting things going on, but some missed opportunities. Still worthwhile if you like paranormal romances and willing to take a chance on them again.