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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré Sort of a review of the whole series, don't read it you haven't read the whole seriesAlthough, I've read this book awhile go and I have read it twice I need people to know why I rate this entire series as a 3 star series, as opposed to mostly everyone I know who loves this series with a passion.1) If I found Harry Potter on my own it would have been different. Instead, my sister found out about it. My parent's read it and loved it. They told me I should read it, and they breathed down my neck about it. I was curious to say the least, but I hated the fact that my family spoiled the first book, and the second, and even the third book for me. In the end, I was pretty much forced to read it. I also was never an enthusiastic fan. I liked the series, but it didn't consume my life. Star Wars, on the other hand, is a different story. 2) When I got tired of my family spoiling the books for me I decided one time in Hawaii when the book was released to buy my own copy of the fourth book. My parent's and sister went CRAZY. They were angry at me using MY OWN money to buy a book. Their reasons were because my sister had a copy waiting at home. I think they were jealous, and I can't believe that my parent's were ANGRY at me for buying a book. Only a few years prior I would have never bought a book. What the heck? My sister gave me the evil eye and my father gave me the cold shoulder when we drove back to our condo. This isn't a healthy scene people. 3) My parent's always made a fuss when it would take me awhile to read a new installment of the book. I was still a reluctant reader and not my sister who read books rather quickly. They should have been happy that I was reading in the first place when a year or so prior they had to drag me to the library. 4) The second half of the series got tiresome. I hated all the romance parts because it dragged the book down for me. 5) Professor McGonagall is a very understated character. 6) Why did Tonks and Lupin have to die? They were my favorite couple!7) I think the reason why I don't like this series half as much as others do is because my whole reading experience got bogged down by my family, the fact I didn't like romantic parts of the book, and the fact that I was bothered by the fact that Harry lived.That's right, it would have been better if he died. He should have. Even J.K Rowling knew she should have killed him. It would have been a more satisfying ending, but not she keeps him but kills Lupin and Tonks instead. Their death was meaningless, Harry's wouldn't have been. I know a lot of people really like this series. It represents their childhood and trust me it was for most of my friends. My childhood although I grew up with Harry Potter wasn't my first love. Star Wars, A Wrinkle in Time, Bridge to Terabithia, and Holes were to be honest. Oh, and Shakespeare to boot.