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William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope - Ian Doescher THIS. THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME BOOK (WELL PLAY) EVER! Okay, technically speaking there are a lot of issues. One, the author is using a well established story and tying in pop cultural references (Han shot first) comment. For a Shakespeare like play there are a lot of asides and chorus sequences, BUT as a person who has loved Star Wars since she was six and Shakespeare since fifth grade this book made me very, VERY HAPPY.As someone who has studied Shakespeare for awhile and taken a few classes, as well as read a good majority of his plays Doescher has a pretty good grasp of the pastiche style. It flows very well, and it is a lot of fun to read. Even if you don't like Shakespeare it's pretty easy to read because it's still modernized enough that people can get it.I loved the illustrations (the facepalming Darth Vader with the Death Star on what looks like to be a globe is my favorite). I think the authors is going to continue the trilogy, which will be awesome if he does. This was such a fun book to read. Get it in Hardcover it's a pretty small book, and if you take off the dust jacket it will look like an old book that's seen some time. What I really liked were that the author took advantage of giving some characters a voice, like R2-D2 who we never really get to hear then just meeps and beeps from. He was quite a funny character in this book. This isn't a book for everyone. In fact, I would say it has a niche audience. It's for someone who likes Star Wars and appreciates Shakespeare. If you don't like either, you will not like this book. It's not a perfect Shakespeare imitation, but does it have to be? No. It's done extremely well and the wordplay was clever. I loved the entire thing from start to finish. It's not the most original book seeing as it is about A New Hope, but the way it is executed is fresh and fantastic. I wholly recommend to any Star Wars fan out there!