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Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross began as an interesting spin-off of fairy tales and in the beginning captured my interest. As I progressed through the novel I began to see the problems, by the end I was happy again. At first, this book sounded like a YA take of "Once Upon a Time" on ABC about fairytales coming to life in the town of Storybrooke. However, reading the book it has nothing in common, but the fairy tale like tendencies. This book was entirely too uneven when it comes to plotting, since a lot of plot points were revealed far too early and one had to wonder what the rest of the book was going to be about. I wished the pacing was better because that is one problem I had with the novel overall.I also didn't like a lot of the characters from Felix to Freddie. Even though Freddie is supposed to be a good character I thought he was way too feminine for a guy (the whole animal magnet was a HUGE TURN OFF for me). It was silly to be quite honest, and I really didn't like his character because he never really grew at all. He knew what he was supposed to do throughout the entire book, and he didn't change a bit. Felix was annoying because he was twenty-one and Mira was in love with him. I dislike it when authors write about those kind of relationships. Blue was a very interesting character, even though I really wish his name was different. Blue just doesn't do it for me, even though it does have something to do with the fairy tale he portrays (or the Curse that is). The other characters didn't really have much of an arc besides being additional friends to Freddie and Blue, and I don't like it when friends of characters do not have more to their story arcs. The writing was alright, it could be lyrical at times. Mostly it was fine. I don't have a lot of big issues, besides the character development of the secondary characters.The ending of the book is what gave this a three for me, otherwise it would be a two. It was a great ending, but a little predictable too. This read was not one of my favorite books I read this summer, but neither was it one of the worst. It just wants me to watch "Once Upon a Time" instead.