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The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America - Timothy Egan The Big Burn by Timothy Egan was a required text for my environmental politics class. What I liked about this book was that it gave an insight to the creation of the National Parks, and before I read this book I thought the National Parks were one of the easiest policies to put into place. Not at all, in fact it was a fight! A fight against the big businesses at the time, a fight against prosperity in the West, and a fight for conservation and what is important to all of us. This book gives a good insight into the companionship between Teddy Roosevelt and Gifford Pichot, and how they fought to bring the national parks to become a reality. As far as nonfiction goes, it reads like a novel with a story and good characters. I found the friendship between Gifford and Teddy to be dynamic as well as humorous when it came to their wrestling matches. What I also liked was that it showed various characters from different backgrounds from African Americans working in the forest service, who were once see as something besides who they were and were heroes. To Italian immigrants who worked for the forest service, and their story. This book gives a good amount of insight into one of America's greatest achievements...at the same time one of the largest wildfires that made it all possible and even then it still was a large problem. This was a really good read, but the reason I am giving it three stars is that it could lag at times otherwise I would give it four stars.