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Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2) - Stephanie Perkins I do have to say that Stephanie Perkins is moving up the ladder in terms of writers that I enjoy, BUT that being said I still do have some problems with Lola and the Boy Next Door. Overall, I did like this book. It wasn't as good as Anna and the French Kiss, but I will get to that later. What did I like?Cricket, obviously. He was a sweet, kind, and generous guy who was way better suited for Lola than her previous boyfriend. (However, he was a tad bit unbelievable in some of his character traits...and a little too nice)Lola was a fun character. At first I didn't really like her, but she warmed up to me by the end. (Maybe because she finally got some sense?)Cameo appearances of Anna and Etienne and how Anna is Lola's friend and boss at the movie theater! It was nice to know we got to see them again. [The European shrug is mentioned, ah!]The setting! As a San Francisco Bay Area native I love it when I read about books taking place in my favorite city. However, there is one problem I do have with the setting that I will mention later on.Andy and Nathan Nolan--Lola's parents. I loved that Stephanie Perkins went a little different, but she also played to San Francisco's advantage. (I also like that they lived in the Castro District too). However, unlike Anna and the French Kiss I wasn't completely sold on Lola and the Boy Next Door.What I didn't like:Max--I know we are not supposed to like him, but how in the world did Lola even think he was into her or even liked her for that matter. It isn't just the age difference with Lola being 17 and Max being 22, but other things as well. [I also have major problems when authors write about these kinds of relationships because it goes back to my high school days of hearing about sixteen year olds having boyfriends who are 21 and how wrong that was, and they thought there were in love! Authors should recognize they are setting an example to their readers. This kind of relationship is NOT OKAY. In the beginning you think Max is good, but you find out he isn't--although it happened a little too quick for my own liking.]What I also didn't like was the last sentence Max says to Lola makes me think he wasn't as honest as he likes people to be. What a hypocrite! My major beef with the setting is that Stephanie Perkins and the characters kept referring to a "train" to take Lola from San Francisco to Berkeley. THERE IS NOT TRAIN! IT'S CALLED BART (BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT)! EVERYONE IN THE SFBA (San Francisco Bay Area) KNOWS THIS! THEY WOULD NEVER EVER CALL BART A TRAIN! EVER! THEY WOULD LAUGH! Especially if they are longtime natives like Lola! I had a HUGE problem with this because it is less realistic (is it even less realistic than a guy knowing how to do a teenage girl's hair and letting her paint his nails). As a SFBA native (at one time) anyone I know would crack up if they heard BART referred to as a train. Train would imply AMTRAK. Not even Caltrains! People would call Caltrains--Caltrains (which takes people from the Silicon Valley to San Francisco). I think Stephanie Perkins knew this, since she did do some research of San Francisco and Berkeley, but my guess is that she probably had this in one of her drafts but her editor said to cut it so it will cut down confusion or something. It's not confusing, BART is a mass transit electronic rail not a train! The first half of the book was extremely slow, and I didn't really care much for the characters--but the character growth started to shine a little more than halfway through and my attention was peaked (only because Lola realized that one she wasn't really in love with Max, she wanted to be--but honestly Max was a jerk and it was an unhealthy relationship to begin with). Overall, Lola and the Boy Next Door was a cute read. Not as good as Anna and the French Kiss (but I think it was because the pacing was better and I liked all the characters and their actions made sense!). I would recommend this to fans of chick lit or romance, and it's cute but not as good as Anna and the French Kiss (if a bit on the annoying side sometimes with Lola!)Although, as a little bit unrealistic as Cricket seems...it's nice to wonder if there are really nice guys like that out there. However, I'm still on the Etienne train. :)