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Just One Day (Just One Day, #1) - Gayle Forman Updated: 4 starsI rated from five stars to four stars, but it isn't because I liked it less because I still do like it quite a bit. It's just when I think about it this book was a fun, breezy read and I liked the development throughout the book. However, it didn't have quite enough meat in it to get the last star. There is so much to love about this book. I do not know where to start. To begin, although this is small the fact that Mrs. Foreman mentions Herbert Marcuse in passing just makes my day! She could have picked anyone from Rousseau to Nietzsche, but she picks Marcuse. I'm happy for no other reason than being a nerd about political philosophy. I am also very happy about the use of Shakespeare in this book and how she mentions lesser known works like Cymbeline, A Winter's Tale, As You Like It, and so on. I am also extremely jealous this is the first book that had a fictional class I wish was real in college. Beyond that, I really liked this book because I love travel stories. When I was eighteen I went to England for two weeks, and later when I was nineteen I went to Geneva, Switzerland for two and half weeks so it is safe to say that I know what Allyson went through (except I didn't fall into a whirlwind romance with a young man from Holland). The characters are well developed and interesting. I absolutely loved Dee and Willem of course, and Allyson "Lulu" is a good protagonist who grows throughout the novel. It is slow and subtle, which I like to see. I really like Gayle Foreman's style and how I am swept away and I couldn't put this book down at all. It might not be a read for everyone, but I certainly enjoyed it.