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A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy, #1) - Deborah Harkness I've meant to review this book awhile back, unfortunately I did write a review but my computer malfunctioned and I did not save it. So, now I am going to write my review on this book. I went into reading this book with a bit of trepidation because a lot of people were referring to it as an "Adult Twilight" and I don't like it when those kind of comparisons are made. First of all there were many things I did like about this book:1) Historical connectionsI love history, and I love that the main character was a professor and scholar. It is really unique to see smart characters in urban fantasy, especially scholars and what not. At least, I don't see it that often.2) Dianna BishopIs a great female character because one, she's smart. Two, she's interesting to learn about. Three, she can take care of herself. (However, there are parts in this book where she isn't at her best, and it's not a character trait but a writing problem I have).3) Matthew ClairmontOh boy...that's all I can say. Move over Lestat. (And if people are annoyed that he does yoga, I don't mind liberties with vampires. At least he isn't sparkly and he still drinks human blood by the way, and animal blood too). 4) The characters, besides the main characters that is. I think Mrs. Harkness has a penchant for writing great secondary characters, and even main characters that you get invested in. It's not easy for me to like all the characters in the book, and I did. Even the baddies. 5) This book is really well researched, and I like that the author is mixing history and science. It's awesome!However, there were parts of this book I did not like. The love story, although I liked it...was really heavy in the second part of the book and not as well integrated as it is in the sequel. At times the second part of the book borderlined on problematic for its sappiness and for it's "Twilight-esque" problems of going too fast in such a short period. In the beginning, the story took its time and I liked it quite a bit (the sequel is much, MUCH better with this the plotting is tighter). That's pretty much the reason it gets a three in the end, for the rushed second half of the book. However, YOU SHOULD read the SEQUEL. It's WAY, WAY better than the first book and I don't say that lightly since most of the time the sequel is worst than the first book. Not in this case.