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Fighting in the Shade - Sterling Watson Actual Rating: 3.5 starsConsidering this was another book I had to read for my independent study I was unsure of what to think, especially considering this book revolves around a small town and football. To me, it is never a good mix because for one, I dislike the game of football. I like all other sports equally, but I am not a fan of football. Anyways, I had to get over that part of the book pretty quickly so I could finish this book.I read the book mostly due to the political nature of small town, men who control a large majority of the political aspects of the town, and a young man who defies them in order for things to start to change. It was a fairly interesting read, and although some of the descriptions are fairly visceral surrounding the "mystery night" and it was a bit hard to take at first I got through it fine. The one part of the book that I really enjoyed was how Mrs. English and Moira played a pivotal role. I quite liked the two of them.Other than that, it was a very different book for me to read considering I wouldn't normally read a book like this. I liked the descriptions and a sense of place this book has, but it is to be expected by a Floridian writer (who also happens to be a professor at the school I attend). As a side note, I find it fairly humorous that they think this book is "Dennis Lehane" like seeing as he also went to the same school as the professor who wrote this book. (and no, I have not met Dennis Lehane even though he is doing a writer's workshop at the school currently. I'm off campus.)