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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins ACTUAL RATING 1.5Warning long reviewFirst off, I wasn't planning on reading anymore of this series, but I was persuaded by higher forces to continue. The problem is, I should learn from my lessons when I picked up another series that I was very dissapointed with. I should have stopped at the first but, but since I am that kind of reader to give authors a second chance I picked up the second book. Well, at least "Catching Fire" wasn't as annoying as the first book, but it still annoyed me to bits.You see, I'm not on the bandwagon with this series. I don't understand where all the hype is coming from. At least, to the degree that movies are being made and people think it is the next "Fahrenheit 451" or something. It bothers me, but then again I might be old fashioned when it comes to dystopian novels. I'm also studying political science, so I am even more critical with these sorts of books because one would think they know how government and society works. You have to in order to write a decent dystopian novel. First off all, the world building is still not explained at all. I don't understand how a future society of the U.S, I mean Panem, turns into what it is in this book. People might make comparisons to the Romans with the "Hunger Games", but the Romans back in there day conquered different places and had a rule of law. Their gladiatorial games were more for criminals, slaves, and general entertainment (but still the citizens were not put into the arena). That isn't the case with "The Hunger Games" it's to show the Capital has power, but I still don't understand. People can say Suzanne Collins is picking up on our need for reality television, but I don't buy that. I think Scott Westerfield has a better idea with "The Uglies" in terms of appearances. I don't think that this is a believable idea. There's something to be said about survival, but I'm still wary about how there aren't more uprisings. Second off, there are some inconsistencies. One of the characters, Mags, in this book is told to be 80 years old. The Hunger Games have been played for 75 years, and no one makes a remark about what was it like before the Hunger Games with this one character? No one asks her? Since, you know she would have been at least eleven by the time she was in the games, but probably older meaning she saw how her world changed? And NO ONE makes a comment about this? If you're going to have older characters, maybe you might think about having them be a bit younger than the games. Maybe this is a small reason, and maybe there was no real point, but still. It's inconsistent, and I would think someone would have picked up on it.Also, going on and on about how they cannot find water in a tropical rainforest is so annoying. There has to be a lot of water in a tropical rainforest for the flora and fauna to survive. There is water in the soil, and no one thought about that? I don't care if people say "Well, the Capital..." it's way too convenient. It you're going to write about finding limited water in a rainforest-like setting, you're going to lose readers when you go on and on about it because it's just not realistic. Third off, Katniss is indecisive now? When in the world did that happen? At least she was constant in the first book, but now she can't make up her mind? At least she shows a little vulnerability in this book (hence the half star rating from the first book). Still, you can't have a 180 degree change that quickly!I wasn't surprised by the deaths. I mean, I wasn't. I'm sorry they happened, but it doesn't make a difference in the long run. My final statement about this book, although I rated it a bit higher than the first I still don't see what everyone else sees in this book series. I really don't. Maybe I'm a bit too critical, but then again I love dystopian books and I'm always looking for the next awesome novel to creep me out. This isn't it. It's way too juvenile, and not enough meat (imo). It's not to say the author isn't a good storyteller because she can get the reader hooked. I finished the book relatively quickly. Still, I find the cliffhangers tiresome, and sometimes a bit of a cop-out.