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Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet - Bill McKibben First off all, let's begin this review by saying I am a very conscious person about the environment and do all that I can to lower my carbon footprint. That being said I had some serious problems with this book. The reason I rated this book lower than I probably would have is the fact that the author likes to use statistics for his own means. The problem, when using statistics, is you're never sure what the sample group was or who did the analyses to begin with. If you're going to write a book about global warming, make sure to have information that matches what you are saying WITHOUT taking things out of context. I think Mr. McKibben has done this a bit too much in this book, taking statistics and information out of context. Also, I think he likes to romanticize things too, which doesn't help his case. This should have been an interesting, thorough, and engaging read on a subject everyone should be thinking about but instead I find it hard to because the tone the author uses isn't an urging but more of a demanding and hailing that everyone, but people like him and others, are terrible people. This isn't going to help the global climate change debate, instead it's going to turn people off. Try to write in an even tone.