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Also known as Liz on GR. I am here, but really just planting the seed. I am a student who likes all kinds of books, and I'll be honest about what I think about them.

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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman This is officially the first work of Neil Gaiman's that I read (only in the sense that I got it for my Kindle, two weeks later I wanted a hard copy for my collection, and the fact that I ordered The Sandman and it was going to take a few days till it arrived). Any who, this is the book that got me into the awesome mind of Neil Gaiman.I won't go into summaries, just to let you know. People write them all the time, so I just will get to the crux of it.Characters- Neil cares, he gives his characters each a voice, a distinct personality, and a flavor. You will never be confused, and each character adds to the story. Setting- I adore London, and so it doesn't take much to impress me on that front. Plot- It's nothing special, but the characters make it worthwhile. Richard gets sucked into London below after finding an injured Door and finds a way to get back his life. I will say the main reason I like this book is the characters, and it's so much fun. Yes, it's dark and violent at parts, but it wouldn't be a Neil Gaiman without it wouldn't it? Also he gets that fantasy isn't always about trolls, elves, and faeries. If you don't consider yourself a fantasy fan, you might want to re-think your concept of fantasy when you read this book. Personally after "The Sandman" this is my favorite Neil Gaiman work.