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Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2) - Rachel Hawkins This is a better book than the first, and I'm surprised to say it. Most of the time series books tend to drop off after the first, not so much with this one. In fact, I liked it more because it took us away to a different setting and had many plot twists I didn't see coming.The pacing in this book is quite good. Nothing is wasted, and I finished it in less than a day (to the point where I couldn't put it down and had to finish it even though it was close to four in the morning). The thing is even though there is a dreaded love triangle in this book, I don't feel like it takes up the entire book. It's not "oh my who am I going to kiss and love for the rest of my life" it's "oh my something bad is happening and I have to figure out what and why is the boy I like on the wrong side?" sort of deal. In fact, we find out that he's not what we seem.I actually like Rachel Hawkins for giving us complete antagonist(s), people who we don't know our evil till the very end. For a majority of this story, one of the character's I thought would be bad was indeed not bad, but good. In this book we get to find out more about Sophie's father, which I was interested in. He's actually an interesting character and I hope he's in the next book. He should be.In terms of what I didn't like about this book:I might be one of the only people who doesn't seem to laugh at the jokes since they are corny and quite immature. Even if they are sixteen/seventeen years old. I also found that some of the pop culture references didn't really add anything. If used well, they can be quite witty but adding them when not appropriate isn't useful at all. Other than that, it's a light, breezy, and fun read.