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Also known as Liz on GR. I am here, but really just planting the seed. I am a student who likes all kinds of books, and I'll be honest about what I think about them.

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Uglies - Scott Westerfeld There was a chance that I wasn't going to finish this book, but I did.At least I gave it a chance. I feel like I should have read this book when it got published, I would have been 15 at the time. I think I would have like it so much more then.Now that I'm older I found this dystopian book to be unappealing. Dystopian books should make my skin crawl because that is how a society might turn out. I thought that the premise was very unlikely, and in a lot of ways scoffed at it. All of it. An operation to make someone pretty to control them, to use self-esteem against people. In concept, however the way it played out was less than satisfactory in my opinion. The thing about writing a book set in a dystopian future, a writer should know about history, politics, philosophy, and most importantly to look at the current climate. Why would people spend billions of dollars to make someone pretty, why not dumb them down instead so they won't care? Doesn't make sense from an economic point of view. Given that in the world today appearances seem to mean everything to a lot of people, I guess I can understand where the author was trying to take this but in my mind I found it to be quite simplistic. The real "meat" of the novel happens towards the end of the book, while for 85-90% of the novel it's a friendship, travel adventure, betrayal, and then the ending. I peered at the next book, and what I found is quite disgusting--given that the ending I had hope. Maybe it gets better, but maybe this isn't the series for me. I want a dystopian series to make me think, skin crawl, and believe this is going to happen. I will say that Tally and Shay are super believable characters, but extremely shallow given the circumstances. Also, they don't feel like they have a lot of personality. I may or may not continue this series. I just felt underwhelmed seeing as for four hundred pages I wanted to get to the real meat of the society. It just wasn't there for me. Also, the writing is super simplistic--even for the YA genre. Why can't authors challenge their readers I'll never know.