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Wondrous Strange  - Lesley Livingston Well, it's finally great to see a young adult novel that doesn't have a love triangle in it! That alone should give this book five stars, however it doesn't because I am not that easy to please. Should note there are some spoilers in this review.Again, I really wish Goodreads had a half star system. I would rate this closer to 3.5-3.75 stars. First off what's working:1. Knowledge of the Faerie courts.People who know me know that I love mythology revolving around anything European in nature, that includes Arthurian legend and the fair folk. It's good to see a book that deals with how nasty real faeries can be, instead of the Tinkerbell variety. 2. A main character who's quirky.Sure, Kelly has her cliche moments. The things she says, or the the things she does. That and she can take the fact that her roommate used to work for Titania. That all aside, she is an engaging heroine and I like her because she knows her downfalls as well as her strengths. It's good to see a character like that. She's also not super annoying either, and relatable. There are times that I come across MC's that aren't relatable at all, and to me it's hard to get engaged in a story when you can't get yourself interested in the MC's motivations. 3. An interesting plot.I won't lie outside the fact that the main character was an actress and this book revolves around faeries I didn't need much more information to read it. I liked the plot. Good pacing, and I didn't automatically know what was going to happen. Their were a few surprises left. 4. The writing itself.Tight, crisp, good description, and smooth. Not overly dramatic, just quirky enough, and well the occasional cliche or two. Now on to some problems I did have with this book. Yay. Okay, maybe not yay but not every book is perfect now is it?1. Suspension of disbelief.Being a reader of fantasy fiction in all forms, I do suspend my disbelief. There are cases however that sometimes it's even a bit much for me to take. For one, Kelly initially takes her parentage as well as she should. Later, she takes the fact that her roommate is a fairy as well a LOT better than I thought she would. I thought she would be confused, or say "What?" Or something along those lines. It never came. I was confused because I thought I skipped it, but she just made a deal about the fact that Tyff was her roommate and Sonny should be nice to her. That was a little more than I can take. Auberon visiting Kelly. Okay, I know he saw the image of her in Sonny's eyes and I think got the information from Chloe the Siren but I still thought his appearance to her at the theatre was really, really random. I mean I knew eventually it would happen, but I was thinking it would happen later than it did. Weird and I'm not sure if that part was a bit rushed or not. Or if I missed something. 2. The Carousel sceneI know someone mentioned about the writing itself, but the one problem I had is that it seemed for a moment so much like the scene in "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman with Shadow except they go to what was the past with Sonny's magik. I'm not sure what writers have with carousels, but I kind of wished she introduced it differently. Those were the major parts that bothered me, and for right now I can't think of anything else.Overall, I liked this book. It's a good book dealing with the faery courts, with Shakespeare (and I have to say I gotta love Bob!) even if it's indirectly, and a young adult novel that doesn't have two conflicting love interests. Ms. Livingston you make me proud! (at least for this first installment). I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series, I am wondering what is going to happen next.