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Insurgent (Divergent, #2) - Veronica Roth I had such high hopes for this book, unfortunately it didn't deliver...that is till the very, very end. It was a five hundred and forty four page book that felt overloaded with constant action, but no substance. There was a lot going on, but I feel like only three hundred pages contribute anything worthwhile. I started off liking "The Divergent" series well enough, and hoped the world building would be explained a bit more in depth in this book. Not to the extent I would like. I feel like it's going to be picked up more in the third book. At least, that is my hope considering everything that we learn as we read the book. Tris, oh Tris. I liked her in "Divergent" but I found her a bit too whiny in this book. Of course, this is just my opinion. I'm not sure what it is about Veronica Roth's writing style that I don't seem to care for but it's just jarring at times. I don't like it how she tells me everything that is going on in Tris' mind. I know it is first person, but there is the whole "show, don't tell" idea to think about. One writer who does a good job is Jim Butcher when it comes to first person POV. She could pick up a few things. There were also this little sentence that bugged me:"This is what I wanted most to avoid: for my rises and falls to become Tobias rises and falls.Rises and falls? Couldn't you say strengths or weaknesses? It just sounds so awkward to me when I read it. Would anyone think this way? Or describe a situation in this way? I feel like my biggest problem with Ms. Roth, and I see it more in this book is that I don't think she has the best handle on writing an engaging story that gets you sucked in every dimension. There are times I can't imagine what I am reading. Her descriptions are far and few between, and when there is a lot going on I get confused and have to re-read passages from time to time. It's one thing to write action in a book, but unless there is a good reason to write it one should try and write the story to be as concise as it possibly can be without losing a sense of elegance in the writing itself. My best guess is this is still an inexperience quality in her writing. She might have been writing for years, but in terms of her published work it's still going to have a lot of rough edges around it. My hope is that over time this will fade away. Also, I feel let down by the hopes that a lot of my questions would be answered in this book. Some are, while others not so much. Will I read the final book? Maybe. I would read it in hopes that Ms. Roth will redeem this series. This book just fell flat for me. Maybe that's the problem when one comes in having extremely high expectations. In the end, it delivered on the action front--but I feel like her book could have a lot more substance than it has. It has the potential too, it's just that Ms. Roth needs to embrace that part of her that I don't think she is. I hope she does, otherwise it will be a shame.