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Brutal - Michael Harmon I had picked this book out on a hunt to find a good father/daughter relationship story that was either central or very important to the overall novel. There is a father/daughter relationship in this story, however I have a lot to say about this book.I had high hopes about this book because it sounded right up my alley with the plot and characters, however Poe Holly is actually rather an uninspiring character and hard to be empathetic too. Her mother is away in South America, leaving her with her father in a tourist wine town where he is a school counselor at the school she is going to attend. Poe is a pretty petty character, where she believes she is above the rest with having no problems of her own (where she has a lot of problems). If her character actually had developed a little more earlier in the story, not in the last three percent of the novel then I would probably have liked this book a lot better. Instead, I was annoyed at the main character for how she wanted things to change, but really didn't know how to. She might be right, but her manner isn't right like her father points out.I was also dissapointed with the father/daughter relationship because the father was a pretty uninspiring character even with everything he had gone through. I wanted this book to be pretty awesome, but it really fell flat for me. The search continues for finding a good father/daughter relationship book.