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See What I See - Gloria Whelan Well, the hunt for father/daughter relationship stories continue...So, I found this book out of the blue and I thought it would be perfect. It's about an art student, and I love art and I get what she is talking about. A recluse father, who is also an artist? That adds another intriguing part to the puzzle, and then there is another part but I won't spoil it. Unlike "Burn" "See What I See" is a better novel with more sympathetic characters. Kate is a good protagonist who grows throughout the novel, not to the extent that I wish she did...but the author does a decent job. Her father, Dalton Quinn, is the more interesting character. He's mixed up and he's cruel to Kate, but you find out why in the end. It's not like he's abusive, just an obsessive artist who thinks more about his work than the family he had. It's interesting getting an insight into him. Although, I thought this book was really short and the pace was lightening quick. It went way too fast for me, and I wish there was more to read to be honest. The part of the story I didn't like were the supporting characters weren't really fleshed out that much, if the story was longer we would be able to know more about them. I felt like they were written as placeholders, when the real intensity was between Kate and her father. I loved how Mrs. Whelan wrote about how Kate saw the world and the way she saw it. It isn't easy to write from an artistic point of view, and I think she handled it pretty well. This is a solid book, but I am going to continue the hunt to find the one book about a father/daughter relationship that will make my heart wrench. It hasn't happened yet.