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Just Listen - Sarah Dessen Updated 2/01/2013 Actual Rating: 3.5 starsWell, this is my second Sarah Dessen novel I have read. The first being "Along for the Ride," unlike "Along for the Ride" "Just Listen" takes place during the school year and not during the summer, however events that are mentioned did happen in the summer. The thing with Sarah Dessen is that she keeps repeating the themes of the book, over and over again. Like she puts "just listen" all over the place, and I get what she means not just the literal sense of listening to music but listening to people, and Annabel herself. It can get a little annoying after awhile. I liked the main love interest in this book because he was intriguing and genuinly an interesting character to get to know. Annabel and her family problems could get a bit passe at times, and her life so miserable being a model and doesn't want to say no to her mother. Does she have any backbone? Anyways, I thought she could be a bit flimsy, but I also thought that she developed over the course of the book. I liked her love interest and his best friend more than any of the other characters. The music side of this story was a good take, and I can really identity with finding a nirvana in music. I felt like this book was a bit more preachy than "Along for the Ride" and that is why I downgraded the rating. However, I still think she's a consistent writer, however I like Gayle Foreman so much more no after reading "If I Stay" "Where She Went" and "Just One Day." She doesn't sound preachy at all, and is very fluid in the language she uses. I still like Sarah Dessen, but I hope her next book isn't as preachy like "Along for the Ride."