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Harmonic Feedback - Tara Kelly First off all, I should say that I read this entire book while listening to Feist (The Bad in Each Other from her Metals album) and strangely enough it went along very well with the book. Anyways, I just wanted to say that before I get to the meat of my review."Harmonic Feedback" by Tara Kelly is a book I really wish got a lot more attention that it has now. Ms. Kelly wrote about characters who are realistic, not perfect, but are also entirely sympathetic and you can be empathetic towards them as well. I really liked Justin and Drea, and Naomi as well. I liked how the characters you might not like, Naomi for instance I ended up liking in a weird sort of way. In terms of what I thought of Drea with Asbergers and ADHD, I like that those sorts of characters are getting written about since some people do have to deal with these things on an every day basis, and I like that the characters can stand up for themselves and be written about in an intelligent manner. Too many times when I read about characters who have a disorder the author writes about them as unintelligent and it bothers me since I know quite a few people who have mental or neurological disorders and they write them like they are children. Not Ms. Kelly thank goodness, who writes Drea realistically. I've been on a kick with books involving music, and although music took a back seat in this novel and not as much as some of the other books I have read I fully enjoyed the descriptions with how Drea related to music and seeing it in colors. I also really liked that this took place in Bellingham, WA, since I have stopped there a few times when my family and I drove up to Vancouver for vacation or before I went to school there for a year abroad (there was a really good cafe with an awesome BLT there in the historic downtown). I happen to like the Northwest a great deal.If there were any problems I did have it was with the English class weirdly enough. For a junior year English class doing weekly journals and reading "Go Ask Alice" doesn't seem entirely realistic. However, considering the subject matter of the book maybe it was placed there for a good reason. Still, it doesn't seem like a realistic book to read...more along the lines of Shakespeare, Harper Lee, Vonnegut, or Atwood. Anyways, it was the only detail that bugged me about the entire novel.This is a quick, and easy read. However, although there were a lot of things that happened in this book and I liked it...I felt it wasn't an emotional read for me. However, it isn't easy to make me cry, but this was a good book.