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Also known as Liz on GR. I am here, but really just planting the seed. I am a student who likes all kinds of books, and I'll be honest about what I think about them.

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Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen I've never read a Sarah Dessen novel before.At first, I thought it would just be a "summer-fling" book about a guy and girl meeting up during the summer and all that jazz. Not my typical cup of tea, nor my favorite type of book. It just seems so cliche and done so many times. However, reading "Along for the Ride" was a different kind of experience. I needed a book that was contemporary and realistic young adult, given I've read far too many fantasy and science fiction pieces. It felt like all the same characters and almost no depth to them. I'm glad to have read this book. First off, there were metaphors and motifs. I mean it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. It just seems to me that sometimes authors overlook those things, but not Sarah Dessen. Realistic characters and foils (such as Maggie and Auden) that are multi-faceted and interesting. I like that Mrs. Dessen wrote a character who is smart. So many times I read about characters who aren't or just think about other things instead. It's more realistic to me, and to have a character like Maggie as well who isn't cut-and-dry either. It's a good read and a pleasure during the summer. Makes me want to ride a bike again. :)